Monkey Cult Coffee is the evolution of flavor infusion. When you open our bag, you dive into an explosion of flavors. We harvest only the finest, specialty grade 100% arabica coffee beans and are completely keto friendly. When you open the bag you can smell the difference between our coffee and the pretenders.

Embrace the revolution of coffee artistry. Monkey Cult is not your average brew – it’s a hardcore flavor rebellion for your tastebuds, masterminded by coffee rockstars and dedicated roasteries. We’re not just making coffee, we’re crafting individual flavor masterpieces using premium single-origin beans from around the world and beyond

We have new flavor infusions in development, but those secrets stay closely guarded by the cult. Join the cult and be the first to learn about new creations as they become available.


We lost someone very close to us to cancer in 2019. Robyn Rae Larson. Our cult has made it our personal mission to honor and remember her by helping others. For every bag of Monkey Cult Coffee sold, we will be making a donation to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation in her name.



Monkey Cult Coffee is proud to be a part of the flavor revolution! We believe in providing customers with the finest 100% Arabica beans from around the world to create layered yet subtle flavors profiles for coffee drinkers and caffeine addicts everywhere. With our artisanal boozy flavor infused specialty coffees we combine alcohol flavors with complimentary coffee-enhancing notes for the perfect blend of flavoring and caffeinated goodness. With flavors like Bourbon Chocolate Chip, Toasted Coconut Rum, and Golden Honey Agave... what's not to like? Check out our Recipes for cocktail inspiration using Monkey Cult Coffees! In addition to our Artisanal varieties we also carry a Global Gourmet collection including sophisticated high quality beans like the Sumatran and Peru La Florida Organic Free Trade coffees, available in ground or whole bean. Stay tuned for delicious NEW flavors from Monkey Cult Coffee, coming soon!