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    We lost someone very close to us to cancer in 2019. Robyn Rae Larson. Our cult has made it our personal mission to honor and remember her by helping others. For every bag of Monkey Cult Coffee sold, we will be making a donation to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation in her name.


Is this a real cult?

Yes...the best kind! If you love flavored coffees and appreciate being a part of a like-minded community of coffee enthusiasts, look no further. Monkey Cult Coffee won't ask for your life savings or tell you how to live your life, but we will continue to innovate with delicious boozy flavors, using the best quality coffee beans from around the world. Monkey Cult Coffee proudly gives a portion of proceeds from every bag sold to support research and treatment for children with cancer. #jointhecult

What kind of coffees are these?

Our specialty is alcohol flavor infused coffees! Monkey Cult Coffee uses high quality beans from around the world including 100% Arabica beans in our Flavored Artisanal coffees. All our beans are GMO-free and checked at each stage to ensure quality. Our Gourmet coffees include organic and FreeTrade options.

Where is Monkey Cult Coffee From?

Monkey Cult Coffee is based in Madeira Beach, Florida but uses coffee beans from around the world to create the perfect flavor combinations. Established in 2022, this coffee brand has already become a favorite among flavored coffee aficionados and is now sold nationwide!

How does Monkey Cult Coffee give back?

After the loss of someone very close to the team at Monkey Cult Coffee to cancer, we decided to honor her memory by supporting the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation with a portion of the proceeds from every single bag sold going to help provide research and treatment for children fighting cancer. Ours is a cult that cares.

What is boozy coffee?

Boozy coffee is coffee that has been infused with alcohol flavors for a rich and complex flavor profile. Infused with a variety of spirits or liqueurs, our flavor infusions include bourbon whiskey, rum, vodka, brandy, and more. Bartenders love our boozy coffees for mixed drinks such as white Russians, espresso martinis, or Irish coffees. The infused beans can be used for brewed coffee, iced coffee, or even in your next coffee inspired mix drink.