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Monkey Cult Coffee

Bourbon Chocolate Chip Flavor Infused Artisanal Coffee

Bourbon Chocolate Chip Flavor Infused Artisanal Coffee

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About this flavor 

Our Bourbon Chocolate Chip Flavor Infused Coffee is made with the finest specialty grade Brazilian high-altitude beans produced from a single origin to give you a consistent smooth flavor every time. We infuse this amazing offering with Milk Chocolate and Bourbon flavors to give you the perfect balance for the most sophisticated of coffee enthusiasts. This unique small batch coffee is non-alcoholic, GMO free and made from 100% Arabica beans.

Tasting Notes

Enjoy the subtle rich mocha flavorings with a kiss of bourbon. The Full City Roast used in this amazing creation brings out the natural chocolate notes with a hint of nuttiness. Lightly acidic and just a touch of bitterness to compliment the unique flavors. Ground to perfection by master roasters and pairs well with a touch of hazelnut or vanilla creamer. Drink black to awaken your senses and experience the evolution of infusion.

12oz Bag Ground Coffee

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