what makes monkey cult coffee special


What makes our coffee so special, you ask? The story of Monkey Cult Coffee is built on a commitment to develop gourmet flavored coffees that stand out above the crowd of flavored & infused coffees. We are the evolution of coffee. Below are some details of our journey so far. Join The Cult and enjoy the ride!

How did Monkey Cult Coffee start?

The quest to develop the perfect flavored coffee took nearly a year of research. We engaged 2 different biochemists and worked with 7 different coffee roasters and formulators and tested literally hundreds of different formulations before we finally settled on our first flavor: Bourbon Chocolate Chip Gourmet Coffee. But it was not over there. We literally used hundreds of different formulations to finally find our perfect creation. We tried coffee beans from around the world such as Ethiopian, Columbian, Honduran, and Costa Rican. We tried multiple flavor combinations. We thought that our products would launch in August. But we were not about to bring this coffee to the public until it was perfect. The result: A smooth, lightly acidic, chocolaty cup of java with natural undertones of hazelnut and milk chocolate and a kiss of bourbon. Monkey Cult Bourbon Chocolate Chip was born.

Many flavored coffees on the market rely on using cheap coffee beans and then hiding that with a lot of strong flavoring.  But if you are a "real" coffee drinker, those formulas probably do not appeal to you (and neither does the after taste many of them have). That highly acidic and sometimes metallic tasting imposters sit on the shelf, but they are not an artisanal coffee by any stretch.  At Monkey Cult Coffee, we use the absolute best quality coffee beans and then add subtle flavoring to develop the flavor profile we are after.  This means you are still drinking a great cup of coffee, but with an interesting flavor added to enhance the flavors, not overwhelm them. We are different from "flavored" coffee's you have had before. We are an artisanal creation.

We have other flavors in the works and we will put just as much care, effort and expense into making sure each of our Monkey Cult Coffee flavors are among the very finest available. Since our launch on December 25th of 2022 we have expanded our reach all over the country delivering to your door and we are located in 12 stores all across Florida. Our next creation is a Toasted Coconut Rum coffee that we use an organic Santa Rosa coffee bean from Honduras. The natural brightness and sweetness of the Santa Rosa bean compliments the natural coconut and dark rum flavor. We are also experimenting with a Vanilla Agave, Peanut Butter Whiskey, and Cigar Blend.

Why Did Monkey Cult Start?

We are Bourbon drinkers and coffee drinkers and together we share in celebrating the best beverages around!

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