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The Coffee might not be here yet but the coolest merch in the coffee game is. Monkey Cult isn’t just a coffee company but a lifestyle brand. And with swag this great grab some now!!! Our merchandise is not just a shirt with our logo or a mug with a slogan. The swag is it’s own lifestyle brand. Maybe that’s why we have already sold out of our shirts 3 times!!! People love our head monkey Roderick. And we have him on mugs, tumblers, shirts, and cold brew pitchers. We love to show off our favorite primate and we want to get some cult member merchandise in your hands. Our coffee’s will be available at locations throughout the Central Florida are but you can only find Monkey Cult gear in one place. Scroll down to see all of the unique Cult gear that is only available on our website

The Next Level 6210 Shirt is the Cadillac of T’s. With a 60/40 cotton/poly blend It’s so super soft and it even has our “Head Roaster” Roderick on the front. You’re fellow Java fans will be insanely jealous when they see you sporting your new cult member shirt. This shirt is ONLY available on our website and makes a great gift for any occasion. Don’t ask the coffee expert in your life what they want for their next birthday, just grab them the new Monkey Cult Coffee shirt. Thank us later. There’s no better way to show that you’ve joined a cult. But in this Cult you won’t ever be asked to drink the punch, just the coffee. We are the last cult you will ever have to join.

Sizing: We carry shirts in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and 2XL. We find that these unisex shirts run a touch on the small side so if your in between sizes we would recommend getting the larger size of the Two. But not to worry. If you purchase a shirt and you would like to exchange it for a different side we are more than happy to do so. We also suggest that you wash this item on cold and with other dark colors. We love our Cult members and your satisfaction is our number one concern and if you are not happy Roderick is not happy (We like to keep him happy).

And the coffee lover in your life is gonna need the best vessel to get the coffee from mug to mouth. Introducing the Monkey Cult Matted Black 13oz Custom Coffee mug. With the Red interior and matted Black finish let people see that you drink your coffee out of a rare top end trendy coffee cup. Sturdy and ceramic this mug makes a great gift for the coffee connoisseur in your life and even a coffee novice would think it looks cool. People will want to know where you got your cult member mug when they see you showing off your hashtag. At 13oz it’s the perfect size. It’s is big enough to add a splash of your favorite creamer or milk (even maybe a splash of your favorite Irish Cream… we don’t judge) or just fill it up with Black coffee. We recommend hand washing but after many washes we have seen no signs of wear or deterioration. Just don’t let Roderick catch you drinking decaf out of it (that Monkey hates decaffeinated coffee). Maybe one day we will talk him into making a decaf. Just not today!!! For some reason as amazing as our coffees taste they taste even better out of our Monkey Cult Coffee mug.

Monkey Cult Coffee Cups Tumblers Cold Brew Pitcher Cup

OK. Now what does your coffee enthusiast NEED? The Keep your Monkey Cult Bourbon Chocolate Chip or Toasted Coconut Rum (coming shortly after Bourbon Chocolate Chip Coffee) hot in the winter and cold in the summer. Also A TUMBLER WITH AN ELECTRIC RED LID!!!! Ummm, need!!! We have tested this tumbler on the beach here in Florida with ice cubes and chilled coffee and six hours later the cubes haven’t melted. And it keeps hot coffee hot for hours. The lid seals tight so no spills or leaks occur. Make the stainless steel hot & cold Tumbler from Monkey Cult Coffee your go to vessel for all of you beverage needs.  Not only does this unique tumbler look amazing, but it’s functionality is as good as tumblers Three times the price. With a thin fitted bottom it fits perfectly into almost any cup holder in your ride and it’s slim design makes it perfect for sitting on your desk, walking on the beach, or sipping your morning coffee. Did we mention it hold 20oz of Coffee??? (or whatever else you decide to fill it with) Make sure you add one to your order today. Don’t forget that with every purchase of $75 or more your order qualifies for free shipping.

 Monkey Cult Coffee JoinTheCult T-shirts and tees

We are very excited about the newest addition to our Merch lineup. It’s is our 30oz Monkey Cult Cold Brew Pitcher. We love it to always keep some Cold Brew on hand. It’s great for hot days when iced coffee is calling your name. Just add 30oz of water to the plastic cold brew pitcher and fill up the cylinder shaped filter basket with up to 12 tablespoons of your favorite Monkey Cult Coffee. Screw the cylinder to the lid and screw the lid on to the pitcher. Place it in your refrigerator overnight or as long as desired to get the perfect flavor. In the morning you can enjoy Cold Brew Monkey Cult Coffee. The screw top lid seals tight so you can use your cold brew pitcher on the go. Put it in an insulated cooler with some Ice and take it to the beach or on a picnic. The applications are endless for this amazing little gadget. And if you can find any new recipes feel free to share them with us by contacting us on our contact page. We love to hear about new creations you have created with your Monkey Cult Coffee. The combinations are endless and exciting. Pour it in your new Monkey Cult 20oz Hot & Cold Stainless Steel Tumbler (you did remember to get one of those, right?) It’s also great when mixing up some coffee based cocktails. Check out our other blog posts like the Chocolate Chimp made with Bourbon Cream and Coffee liqueur or for the recipe for the Irish Monkey Bomb with Green Creme De Menthe and Irish Cream and make sure to check our blog often to find more iced cocktails using your favorite Monkey Cult Coffee added all the time.


Cleaning Instructions for your new Monkey Cult 30oz Cold Brew Pitcher: The manufacturer has labeled it as dishwasher safe and it does break down into Four pieces but we strongly recommend hand washing the coffee grinds cylinder basket. And if you do decide to machine wash the pitcher, handle, and lid, we would recommend putting them on the top shelf of your dishwasher to keep the items from warping. There is a Monkey Cult Coffee Co sticker on the pitcher and if the sticker should wear after any amount of time just reach out to us and we will promptly send you a replacement sticker free of charge. Yes an entire lifetime of Monkey Cult stickers for your cold brew pitcher.

All Monkey Cult Coffee Co items are guaranteed, and if for any reason at all you are not 100% happy with them just send them back to us for a full refund. Our goal as a company is 100% satisfaction from our customers so if you are not 100% happy with any item you have received for any reason reach out to us and we will offer a full refund.

Feel free to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other Social Media sites that you are showing off your new Monkey Cult gear. You never know when we might feature you in an upcoming post. Every time we sell a bag of coffee we will be making a donation to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (we love this charity as 90% of the money donated goes to Pediatric Cancer research) but we haven’t extended that donation to the merchandise currently. So if you want to make a donation to their organization you can do it We love the idea of using our platform to help fund a solution to not just pediatric cancer but all cancer. We have all been affected by Cancer in One way or another and every donation counts no matter how small. Keep your eyes open for an announcement coming soon regarding the release of Bourbon Chocolate Chip Coffee. And don’t tell anyone… but Monkey Chief, Grand Poo-Bah, Head Flavor Auditor, Roderick is in the flavor lab working on Toasted Coconut Rum as we speak. We have even heard rumblings about Vanilla Agave and Peanut butter Whiskey Coffee, but don’t tell him you heard that from us. He is busy searching the world for the finest Coffee Beans and creating amazing artisanal creations anyhow. So make sure to grab some of the most amazing coffee merch and #JoinTheCult today.

UPDATE 12/25: We have launched our First gourmet coffee, Monkey Cult Bourbon Chocolate Chip.

About this flavor 

Bourbon Chocolate Chip is made with the finest Specialty grade Brazilian high altitude beans produced from a single origin to give you a consistent smooth flavor every time. We infuse this amazing offering with Milk Chocolate and Bourbon flavors to give you the perfect balance for the most sophisticated of coffee enthusiasts. This unique small batch coffee is GMO free and made from 100% Arabica beans.

Tasting Notes

Subtle rich mocha flavorings with a kiss of bourbon. The Full City Roast used in this amazing creation brings out the natural chocolate notes with a hint of nuttiness. Lightly acidic and just a touch of bitterness to compliment the unique flavors. Ground to perfection by master roasters and pairs well with a touch of hazelnut or vanilla creamer. Drink black to awaken your senses and experience the evolution of infusion.

This amazing artisanal coffee is now available throughout Central Florida. Just go to the “Where To Buy” tab for a list of places carrying Monkey Cult coffees. You can now order it online at our products page or by clicking as well. We ship anywhere in the USA and for any orders over $75 we ship free of charge. Even though you can buy our coffee in stores in Monkey Cult Coffee Co. merchandise is only available on the website so go to today to order your coffee and swag at the same time and have it delivered right to your door. The Google reviews have been pouring in from all over the country and it’s a great way for us to get the word out about how good our coffee is. We want HONEST AND AUTHENTIC reviews so if you have tried our amazing gourmet creation, Bourbon Chocolate Chip Coffee, and you would like to let other know feel free to leave a review at Monkey Cult Coffee Google reviews. You can also leave a review on the Monkey Cult Coffee Facebook page. Every review helps and we appreciate every single one.

Update 1/16

We have been feverishly testing our 2nd coffee Toasted Coconut Rum and the first finished samples are amazing. We have infused these amazing coffee beans from the Santa Rosa region of Honduras with Jamaican Rum and Toasted Coconut flavor. But what has been really surprising is that we found an organic Santa Rosa coffee bean from Honduras and the natural fruity noted have been an absolute hit with everyone testing the new coffee. It is insanely good!!! I can’t say for sure which coffee bean will be used for the final product but whichever one we use will knock your socks off (Maybe we should make Monkey Cult Socks). We will continue to test this product until it is absolutely perfect and even though it is not for sale as of yet we will let you know as soon as it is ready. We are VERY excited for Toasted Coconut Rum. Roderick and his Monkeys are working hard on this next gourmet creation as we speak. The coffee beans matter and so does the testing process. Perfection takes time and anything less than AMAZING is not good enough for us. We appreciate you Cult members and can’t wait to get some in your hands.


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