the evolution of coffee infusion


What is the Evolution of Coffee Infusion? Many coffee drinkers and aficionados have been asking the cult what makes your infused coffee so much better than traditional flavored coffees. We tell them the truth. We developed techniques to infuse flavor in to coffee created by bio-chemists. We start with a premium specialty grade bean, amazing new gourmet flavors, and…. well we can’t just tell you or everyone would have amazing artisanal coffees. The cult keeps there coffee creations closely guarded. But make no mistake, we are not some flavored coffee company, we are artisans, and our craft is to make the perfect cup of Java for you.

If you think Monkey Cult's Bourbon Chocolate Chip flavor  delicious (and judging by the Google Reviews you do) then check out Toasted Coconut Rum Coffee. We don’t want to give too much away but we have found this AMAZING Honduran coffee bean that has these tropical notes that compliment the Coconut and allow your palate to feel the warmth of Jamaican Rum on your tongue. In the meantime check out our blog post about The Best Ways To Make Monkey Cult Coffee. The article gives you recommendations on the best ways to make your best cup of coffee. Everything from using a french press to the benefits of a Cold Brew Pitcher.

It’s not coffee magic, it’s coffee evolution. Awaken your senses today and JOIN THE CULT!!!

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